Safari Shortcuts  

Uploaded by bernd, updated on 1/27/2015 by SaphrynShikaze
Platform: Mac OS/ English

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minusplus1. Manage Tabs and Windows
+T Open new tab
+Shift+Right Arrow/Left Arrow Jump to next / jump to previous tab
+W Close current tab
+Z Re-open closed tab (undo command)
+Option+w Close all tabs except active tab
+N Open New Safari Window
+M Minimize current Window
+H Hide all Safari Windows
+Shift+W Close Safari Window (current window, all tabs)
+`/+Shift+` Jump to next / jump to previous Safari Windows
+Q Close Safari (all windows, all tabs)

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minusplus2. Safari Features and Bookmarks
Option++1 Show Top Sites
Option++2 Show Collections (history, bookmarks, ...)
+D Bookmark Page
+Shift+N Open New Private Window (equivalent of Incognito mode in Google Chrome)
+1...9 Jump to bookmark #1, #2, … from Bookmark Bar
+Shift+L Show Sidebar (to display Bookmarks, Reading List, and Shared Links pane)

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