Skype 5.5 Shortcuts  

Uploaded by sammer003, updated on 1/28/2012 by bernd
Platform: Windows/ English

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minusplus1. General
Alt+Page Up Answer Call
Ctrl+Alt+Page Up Answer Call with Video
Alt+Page Down Hang Up

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minusplus2. Custom (non-standard) Hotkeys
Important: THESE ARE NOT STANDARD HOTKEYS. You have to set them up yourself and this is a suggested layout. Per default there are only 3 default shortcuts which are poorly designed. Skype Shortcuts will overwrite Standard Windows Shortcuts, using Ctrl+Shift+Alt across all Skype functions seems to be safe.
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+a Answer call
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+v Answer call with Video
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+i Ignore Calle
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+h Hang up
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+s Focus / Unfocus Skype
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+f Search / Find people on Skype
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+m Mute Phone

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